The conversation soon shifts from Boruto to Naruto, and Konohamaru is about to excitedly start bragging about the Hokage's pride and joy, and by extension, about Naruto himself. Konohamaru says that Sasuke is definitely the cooler one. Moegi is seen with Konohamaru and Udon. Moegi watches Konohamaru drunkenly brag about Boruto.Moegi and Konohamaru go out drinking together while they discuss whether or not their genin students are ready to take the chunin exam along with Shino and Udon. Konohamaru is saved when Sasuke throws a rock and forces Kankuro to release his grip on him. From the box, Konohamaru crawls out, along with his two friends. Anime season charts ... Naruto Shippuden: Minor: jp.

Eventually, Konohamaru is able to capture one of the attackers and take on his identity to uncover the mastermind behind the plot. Konohamaru runs over to the others quickly. Konohamaru brags that his new technique from Naruto will be able to defeat the monsters and he will even be recognized for higher rank missions. Both have taken on teams of their own. She discussed the students' improvements with Konohamaru, and considers Iwabee and Boruto to be interesting cases in particular, despite the results. Fans think that Sarutobi Konohamaru is just like his uncle Sarutobi Asuma and Kazamatsuri Moegi is like Yūhi Kurenai, so the relationship between them is as if destined to be together. Moegi is first introduced when Naruto notices a small, obvious box following after him. Angry over the implication, Sakura beats Naruto and Konohamaru up. Udon (Naruto). When the mastermind tries one last attempt at taking everyone down with them, Moegi uses her wood style jutsu to protect everyone. Seeing the two of them, Sakura is reminded of herself and Naruto. Konohamaru says that the three of them are all wearing goggles to mimic Naruto, who they affectionately refer to as their leader.

They are in the village when Pain's Invasion begins. She is an actress, known for And at the time of Naruto, Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon, they abducted Moegi in front of Naruto. Now that Konohamaru is safe, Moegi calms down, swooning over the boy who saved Konohamaru. Iruka Umino did not believe that Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke could pass Chunin Exams, so he went to test their ability. KonoMoegi is a couple that is generally considered suitable because they are not only friends from small to large but also teammates from small to large.konohamaru and moegi have a very good relationship,So they are a very good couple.This is a very reasonable pairing. The three are among the first to welcome Naruto back to the village. Moegi smiles and glances at Konohamaru, whose face is covered with scratch marks from the cat. en. Konohamaru's smile brightens when she mentions Boruto.

Moegi can be seen hiding behind Konohamaru shyly and staring at Sakura.

Tomo Shigematsu, Actress: Naruto. The three see that the students have failed to use teamwork well enough to complete together within the time limit. Moegi and Konohamaru are next to each other, while Shino sits in the seat opposite to them.

Moegi's and Konohamaru's teams are given a dual assignment to protect a group of actors while they filmed their show. Konohamaru performs his sexy jutsu to show off his progress to Naruto. During the test, Iruka Umino disguised himself as a stranger using a variation technique. See more ideas about Udon, Naruto, Naruto characters.
Kohonamaru's, Moegi's, Udon's and Someones.

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