jQuery Example A jQuery example to implement the “ maxlength ” effect on a textarea field. I tested in IE8 and the enforcing does not work (tested in 4.0.6): {xtype:"textarea", maxLength:500, enforceMaxLength:true} But in the input box of the email type maxlength does not work.

Moving forward you should change \"textarea[@maxlength]\" to \"textarea[maxlength]\" in the plugin.Make it work when copying and paste text into text area above!It’s works if you CHANGE $(“textarea[@maxlength]”) TO $(“textarea[maxlength]”) on line 16.This would be much more useful revised to recalculate with spaces and backspaces.Okay – the spaces and backspaces are easy enough to add:@Gurinder: Ofcourse pasting something will not work as already mentioned above.

The problem is that maxLength is a new attribute on textarea for HTML5, so we'd need to do some kind of artificial monitoring to enforce it for those browsers that don't have support for it. December 2018. I am trying to use this plugin with struts2 tag s:textarea but haven’t succeeded yet. [FIXED] 4.0.6: maxLength and enforceMaxLength on TextArea not working in IE8

thanks in advance…Updated version for jQuery 1.3+ which also includes text boxes and prevents spaces in IE.Do you know how to deal if they copy from cliboard data your Jquery code doesn’t handle it.you can use this instead of the jquery plugin, works great:add this javascript function on a script section or an include file:that’s it, it works with copy/paste, spaces, anything.Thanks Viral.

Works for GUI-less inputs like text, email, url, search, tel and password.

TextArea enforceMaxLength and maxLength not working in IE with key ("x", "c", "v") If this is your first visit, you may have to register before you can post. I will soon modify the code and try to fix this.

Success! 2k time. A “great” solution should include that information, at least, then show a way out of the dilemma.I do actually use a quite similar solution for my textareas, but neither am I happy about it, nor would I call my idea a great solution. cool code.. This issue is on Phonegap. The enforcing behavior only seems to work in Firefox/Chrome. I’m a “newbie” to this and any help would be great! According to our records the fix was applied for // If current length is equal to the max and they enterI would like to have certain specific elements have a greater z-index than inital set vale as lorenzo suggests, however am not sure what extra jQuery code i need to do this, have triedThis is a simple plugin that worked for exactly what I needed.As of jQuery 1.3 though, the @attr syntax is no longer being used.

However, the HTTP spec insists that newlines be represented as \r\n.

1. (In the other type, such as password type or tel type works well.) Refresh. I did this because when I am using asp.net, their standard textbox with multiline set removes the MaxLength property during rendering and never makes it to the screen.Add the following before the current check for keystrokes. Hi Gurprem, Welcome to the MSDN forum! Enter your email address. That is, if the browser gives it \r\n for a newline, jQuery makes sure it's just \n in the return value of .val().. Chrome and Firefox both count the length of but this does not works. Use following jQuery plugin for setting maxlength of any textarea on your page. *

Based on my research, you can use JavaScript function or RegularExpressionValidator instead. Looks like we've fixed this one.

Do you know if this works with strats2 tag library tag ?How can we include this pluggin code into another JS file or can we do it liek that…?Where in the theme do you input the code in? However, this could potentially affect a front-end implementation if it expects the entered text never to exceed maxlength. But maxlength attribute does not work with textarea. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. * Licensed under the MIT license: Thanks viral .. .this code helps me a lot..Very good, but on paste large texts this script crashes….You should not use a strict doctype, when you use this on your own pages, as there is no “maxlength” attribute defined in textarea.

* jQuery Maxlength plugin 1.0.0 Views. This keeps the user from entering spaces. For reasons unknown, jQuery always converts all newlines in the value of a