Every member of this caste chooses servants, and marks them with their power in order to control their movements. If you still haven't read it, it's time for you to catch up with this amazing story!

She wears black and yellow shorts under her skirt and black...Supana Churu, whose real name is Suzuko Chijimatsu, is one of the female students that currently attends Akademi High School. Their relationship will face a lot of hardships, but will their deep feelings for each other prevail in the end?If you are searching for a fluffy, funny BL manhwa, here it is! His relationship with the new baker will be filtered through his past traumatic relationship, and you realize how he ended up being unsociable and hostile towards people. Things seem to be going well between Yoomin and his longtime crush, Seula, the hottest girl in school.

Both our protagonists wouldn't have bet on love, and yet their feelings deepen and they will have to learn how to get through the emotional ordeal.

Oct 13, 2019 - Explore ANGRY BULL's board "sweet but psycho ladies i love", followed by 120 people on Pinterest. First of it all, when you start reading it, you get the feeling that the story will be a fluffy one, full of tenderness. psycho scan.
visibility 453,609. The attraction Han Sae and Moto feel for each other is really something else, even though Moto doesn't immediately realize it.

Anger and hate gradually become love, and Kasan will be ready to admit his feelings, as well. HIS SWEET RESTRAINT (Yaoi Manga) Chapter Version visibility 412,816. It's a comedy, full of gags and action, where we find Ginger, a blonde cutie pie with the hots for Rum, his childhood friend, who is totally oblivious of Ginger's feelings. As this BL manhwa is still ongoing, we don't know how Ganghyuk and Joowon will overcome the hardships, but we hope you give it a try, all the more if you are approaching BL manhwa for the first time! His first meeting with Moto will change his life completely, as Moto steals his wallet and gives Han Sae a lot of trouble.

When he falls in love with One, Shell's true character pops up and One will be forced to reconsider his opinions about the vampires.

We find a crescendo of crazy happenings, that keep a light atmosphere and starts funny gags. 歌曲名《Sweet but Psycho》,由 Ava Max 演唱,收录于《Sweet but Psycho》专辑中。《Sweet but Psycho》下载,《Sweet but Psycho》在线试听,更多相关歌曲推荐尽在网易云音乐 The plot is intriguing, making the readers crave for more and more. You'll see his facade crumble, turning the determined, unfazed man into a little child not knowing how to deal with his own feelings.Totally Captivated is a BL manhwa with a solid plot, depicting the Korean mafia doings, sprinkling everything with humor and shrewd comments. A Tyrant in the Classroom visibility 605,558. But she’s only playing nice and actually has a twisted agenda in mind. But she’s only playing nice and actually has a twisted agenda in mind.

Our 6th is a – literally – “divine” BL manhwa revolving around angels and devils!

As for the art style, it is a feast for the eye: full of details and very neat. What is really interesting in this manhwa, is how Han Sae's character develops: he goes from wanting to teach Moto one lesson, or two, to gradually falling for him and struggling to tame his feelings. So 2018 is exactly when the late-00s, early-10s kinda-EDM, mostly-pop of “Sweet but Psycho” should be just the tonic. Kyon, who lost both his parents, decides to work as a servant for Lucaon Selvior who is now the head – and only member – of the Selvior family.