The wooden benches in the coaches of the nostalgic train as well as the vintage rolling stock dating from the nineteenth century exude the flair of times long past and revive the spirit of a bygone era. Save your legs for the vastly superior trails up high. The train is slow and doesn't run very often (it's a fascinating museum piece by itself! United Kingdom, KT5 8AW.

Hiking at Schynige Platte is a unique experience. It then climbs up the meadows and enters a dense forest. Shipping requires a minimum of surrounds Schynige Platte is a strange combination of grit, rock and stones and beautiful green meadows This cog railway offers spectacular views of the Brienzersee and the Jungfrau. Die Schynige Platte-Bahn wurde im Jahr 1893 erbaut. © 2002-2020 After departure from Wilderswil, the train will cross the river Lütschine. Breitlauenen is located nearly 1000 m higher than the departure station in Wilderswil.Next, the train continues to ascend while passing meadows, trees and some impressive rocks. Last descent from Schynige Platte at 17.53. The cogwheel train from Schynige Platte departs from the train station in Wilderswil. Train • 1h 47m. There is a Lowa hiking shoe test centre near the train station where you can borrow footwear and test it for a For starters, the train ride to get there is worth your while.

), so pay attention to the schedule, and don't miss the last one of the day! However, trains leave about every 45 minutes from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte. working days from the date of order. The landscape that For starters, the train ride to get there is worth your while. A scenic ride on a cogwheel train, alpine lakes, rustic mountain huts, snow-covered trails, cows and their musical bells, and some of the best views of Swiss Alps…these are just a few highlights of this thrilling hike. Taking the first train is ideal to get the clearest views of the Alps. The only way to reach Schynige Platte (other than hiking), is by cogwheel train from Wilderswil near You first need to travel to Wilderswil, either by train or by car. A perambulation can be made as well, and it leads you partly over the

panorama trail that also goes to the "First" lift station above Grindelwald.

Guests visiting the Schynige Platte, located right at the heart of the Jungfrau region, on the historic cog railway instantly feel carried back to the Belle Époche. We took the train from Grindelwald to Wilderswil and then on to the Schynige Platte. Unterwegs bestaunst du die Naturidylle, den Thuner- und den Brienzersee sowie das Bergpanorama.

The historic Schynige Platte Railway runs across the Breitlauenen Alp to the Schynige Platte. The hike from Schynige Platte to Faulhorn to First is a big day hike in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland, but what a spectacular day. Please check again later for further dates.Tip: check the timetable before you start your trip.The timetable of the trains to Wilderswil and the cogwheel trains to Schynige Platte.Find all details of rail passes you can use to travel in Switzerland. where over 500 species of flowers can be found on 8,000 m² (2 acres).

How they work, coverage, prices and more. We liked it much better than the over-hyped trip … Hiking at Schynige Platte is a unique experience. The first train for Schynige Platte leaves at 7:25am from Wilderswil Station. It crosses a few tunnels and the views keep getting better until it arrives at Schynige Platte.The trains to Schynige Platte operate from 30 May to 25 October 2020. The 50 minute train ride is very scenic. Travel time from Wilderswil: Approximately 1 hour. Try to sit on the right side of the train for a slightly better view. There are 2 ways to get from Interlaken to Schynige Platte by train or taxi. Recommended option. Fine things can be seen here, Operating information 30 may to 27 october 2019 The train departs every 40 minutes from Wilderswil station. From Interlaken there's also a bus to Wilderswil. The peak is a great viewing point. It then climbs up the meadows and enters a dense forest. It is a very good trip with an old-style train and beautiful views. Surbiton, Surrey. Registered number 4032501 Lovers of alpine flowers can take a special route particularly between June and September.

The train then leaves the forest to enter the rolling meadows around the small mid station Breitlauenen. Take the train from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte 20-Y; Cheapest option.

4 that are known for its large number of alpine flowers.