He's diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a potentially life-threatening brain disorder. He tries to keep his illness secret, but his condition deteriorates, requiring highly risky surgery. They split up and Brenda subsequently left town. Brenda is the oldest child and only daughter of wealthy psychiatrist Bernard Chenowith and psychologist Margaret Chenowith. At the age of thirty-five he was a college dropout who hadn't had a romantic relationship that lasted longer than two months and the pinnacle of whose career was Assistant Manager of Organic Produce at Seattle's "highest-volume food co-op." Until then, he hadn't dedicated his life to much of anything - except, perhaps, keeping far away from his family. Nathaniel Samuel Fisher, Jr. is the oldest of the three Fisher siblings, and arguably the main character of the series.

He was arguably the one whose life was most drastically changed by his father's death. Their relationship, however, is tumultuous because Lisa doesn't trust Nate and he resents her controlling and joyless attitude, and just when things are beginning to look up for the couple, Lisa is reported missing and a month later her drowned corpse is found.

Nate confessed this to Brenda, but his guilt quickly turned to anger when he discovered that Brenda had had several infidelities that she'd concealed from him. But fans were still completely unprepared for the death of Nate Fisher in "All Alone," the series' third-to-last episode. Their wedding day, however, is darkened by Brenda's Brenda later becomes pregnant again, but she and Nate disagree on whether or not she should have Following his death, the series spends the remaining few episodes on the other characters' lives as they attempt to cope with his absence. The series begins when he returns to When the series begins on Christmas Eve 2000, Nate is returning home from In July 2001 (the end of the first season), Nate learns that he has The opening scene of the third season is Nate going into temporary cardiac arrest, causing the season to begin on a surreal note, exploring various possible outcomes of Nate's surgery and his life.

History. Lisa disappears on her way to visit her sister in Santa Cruz, and is later found dead. He turns to Brenda for emotional support, only to discover she's getting serious with a new guy, an even-keeled (French Horn) player named Joe. Although he survives the operation and marries Lisa, Nate's life is still far from settled. Nate appears several times to them as a representation of their own thoughts in a device that had been commonly used for many dead characters throughout the series to dramatically illustrate characters' Brenda Chenowith (1969-2051) is a main character on the HBO television series Six Feet Under played by Rachel Griffiths. After a dream in which his father appears as a comic book incarnation of death - taking away everything he holds dear, including Brenda - Nate realizes he wants to be with her, and the two get back together once again. The photo disturbs him, especially when he notices that Lisa's outfit is the one she wore when she died, suggesting the picture must have been taken just before she died.

He struggles to reciprocate Lisa's love for him, until the two of them come to an understanding that brings them closer - when something horrible happens. When the two are caught in a compromising embrace, Brenda's relationship with Joe is officially over. The tumult and trauma of coping with his own loss drives him to take a sabbatical from the funeral business, and he finds some escape in a low-stress job at a kennel. Nate feels deeply connected to Brenda and even planned to marry her, but a series of events pulled the two of them apart: on a trip to Seattle, Nate slept with Lisa Kimmel, an old "fuck buddy" and fathered a child, an infant daughter named Maya. Soon after a memorial service held by Lisa's family, Nate finds a Polaroid of Lisa in a book given to him by Barb's young daughter shortly after Lisa's death. Six Feet Under fans were stunned when the show's main character, funeral director Nate Fisher ( Peter Krause), suddenly succumbed to a brain disease at … Nate was born on January 8, 1965 (although in one episode his driver's license revealed he was a Libra) to Nathaniel and Ruth Fisher in Los Angeles.