Pep Guardiola interview tactics football strategy (french subtitles) - Duration: 10:42. booyaka918 Recommended for you. The winger positions now had back-ups. Against the ball Müller often played deeper, and in possession high in the central spaces next to Lewandowski. How much was it acceptable for Guardiola to deviate from the Heynckes’ football? In addition to the epic victory against Roma with Robben as a wing back, Alaba’s usage repeatedly caught the eye when he marched as a half-back forward and took a key role in this system.

He should provide the opportunity to continue to play long balls, to be able to use crosses into the centre or to act as a lay-off option for the wingers. This went hand in hand with the mentioned changes of the winger roles. Alonso was a stronger sole number six and able to play tremendously accurate long diagonal balls. À travers les témoignages de nombreux joueurs ou ex- joueurs  de  Manchester City comme Bernardo Silva, David Silva ou Gaël Clichy, des entraîneurs  Roy Hodgson, Brendan Rodgers et Alan Pardew, « TRANSVERSALES », l’émission  de  reportage, montre l’influence  et  la trace laissé  dans  le  championnat anglais par Pep Guardiola.
[Infos TV] « Leclerc : à toute vitesse, saison 2 » ce samedi sur Canal Plus ! QUI EST LE MEILLEUR JOUEUR … Mandzukic as the spearhead in attack was able to open up more spaces than during the Heynckes era, but his linkup play was poor and his space opening movements were less valuable due to Guardiola’s system. In the first season, a certain disquiet arose around Munich. The inverted full-backs were primarily used when Lahm did not play in the middle. Mag. Phil Foden is one of Guardiola's "diamonds" on Man City. A couple of times, Guardiola even used a 4-3-1-2 / 4-1-3-2 – a midfield diamond – with Robben, Ribery and Götze together in front of Alonso and behind two strikers (Hertha, Hoffenheim). No coach is able to constantly prepare and set up his team.

At the same time it was an impetus for tactical contemplations at an unprecedented level. Ce vendredi à 21h00 sur RMC Sport 1 découvrez un nouveau document « Transversales » sur Guardiola !Pep Guardiola, l’entraîneur le plus fascinant du 21ème siècle. Alonso was basically a substitute for the transferred Kroos, but the Spaniard was different from the German international in several important respects. Rode brought more dynamic, physical presence and verticality to the center of midfield, Bernat became an alternative to Alaba. In trying to answer these questions, the blogosphere engaged in long reflections on what Guardiola stands for and what differentiated him from Heynckes. In contrast to many others, however, Guardiola is brave enough to make changes to successful line-ups to increase the probability of success in specific games. They are not wrong. Should he even change anything? He has reached these goals. His objectives were to establish a new – his – playing style at Bayern and make it popular in Germany at the same time. Considering the many injuries his players have suffered, his training management could not always have been optimal, although this of course cannot be attributed to Guardiola alone.

In the centre, Guardiola had players who were strong on the ball, but Kroos and particularly Schweinsteiger were not as intuitive a team as Xavi and Iniesta at Barcelona in terms of their rhythm in passing and behaviour on the ball. Statistical values like expected goals, which are less dependent on individual results than the actual final score, show that Guardiola’s team does not have to hide compared to the treble-winning team of 2013 or Guardiola’s Barcelona in this regard. Some parts of the mainstream media are still reserved, but the blogosphere and some journalists have largely gone along. And discussions with coaches in the professional, amateur, and youth sector show how Guardiola is seen as a role model. Vivez l’expérience CANAL+. Kroos on the number six was the most common complement in the centre of the pitch in this constellation. Some games featured a winger (Robben) and a full-back (Bernat) on the sides. [Infos TV] « Léonardo, le Caméléon», un document exceptionnel ce mercredi sur RMC Sport 1 ! Replay gratuit; Nos offres; Plus. This is simply impossible. Transversales - 1ère diffusion le 6 décembre 2019. Particularly if one applies a narrow definition. When Ribery and Robben were unavailable, the system could be maintained – with dribblings by the wingers towards the centre – or changed or interpreted asymmetrically when only one of Robben / Ribery was fit. During the season, Guardiola found solutions to the problems in hand. Guardiola continued to experiment with his system after the German Cup final against Dortmund, where he used a back three for the first time in a competitive match. 10:42.