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Directed by Jennifer Lynch. Aux États-Unis, la saison a été diffusée du 27 septembre 2015 au 15 mai 2016 sur le réseau ABC. Alex must get into her apartment and find something that could clear her name, but first has to outsmart Liam and his team. In the present, Alex is reinstated in the FBI. Meanwhile, in the future, Simon continues to help Alex try to find the terrorist, but doing so puts his own life in great risk.

Alex finds evidence suggesting a new bombing. In the future, Simon grapples with his new reality in the aftermath of what's transpired. Alex receives information about her father and his past at the FBI; the recruits learn the art of profiling. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. a list of 152 titles

Nimah tries to have a heart-to-heart with Miranda about her son's radicalization, with mixed results. saison 2. While Miranda works to defuse the bomb, Liam gets the delegates to the ... Cet épisode dure 43 minutes et cumule la plupart des une série phénoménale.

On career day at Quantico, the NATS meet with the representatives of various FBI branches. While Quantico is under attack by armed gunman the students of Quantico must figure out a way to survive. As they learn the tools of their trade, recruits studying at the FBI academy uncover secrets about their classmates, teachers and possible terrorists. a list of 225 images

At Quantico, the NATS are given a training exercise that hits too close to home for Shelby.

Quantico Saison 1 . L’épisode 5 de la saison 1 de la série Quantico est très bien pensé du début, dès les premières scènes, jusqu’à la fin. Production 2015: Titre original Quantico: Réalisé par Joshua Safran, Michael Seitzman Avec Priyanka Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, Johanna Braddy, Russell Tovey, Blair Underwood Genre Dramatique Durée 42: In other events, a new group of recruits joins Alex and the Nats at Quantico. ABC Studios produced the season, with creator Joshua Safran, Mark Gordon, Robert Sertner, Nicholas Pepper and Jake Coburn serving as executive producers. Back at Quantico, the group investigates serial murderers. Meanwhile, in the future, Alex contacts Claire Hass in an attempt to locate her missing friends.

In the future, Alex learns someone she cared about at Quantico is not who they seemed to be, as she finds herself at the heart of another possible attack.

As the season progresses, Alex is able to prove her innocence with the help of her friends. The first season of the American drama thriller series Quantico premiered in the United States on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) on September 27, 2015, and concluded on May 15, 2016. An explosive assignment results in some new agent trainees being sent home; as Alex continues working to clear her name, she encounters Raina and Nimah, who provide more questions than answers. She and Natalie work together to prevent Natalie's death, even though it involves breaking the law. a list of 108 titles a list of 38 images At Quantico the current assignment is to learn about human trafficking when Liam and Miranda challenge them to cross the U.S. / Canadian border without passports. Alex and Ryan work a case together when the NATS are sent to various field offices; Shelby and Caleb's relationship changes; Alex learns new information about the man she loves. One of the diverse recruits -- the best and the brightest -- who arrive at the FBI Quantico Base for training is suspected of masterminding a terrorist attack.

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Consisting of twenty-two episodes, season one follows Season one aired on Sundays in the United States at 10:00 p.m. saison 3.
After turning herself into the FBI, Alex is aggressively interrogated to confess about who really bombed grand central. FBI recruit Alex Parrish hides a secret past while training to be an agent. She discovers that the suspected bomber is former FBI analyst-trainee The first season was produced by the ABC Studios in association with The season one premiere on September 27, 2015, attracted 7.14 million viewers with a 1.9 rating among adults 18–49 to rank as the highest-rated scripted telecast on Sunday night opposite

The FBI arrests all of Alex's accomplices except Agent Booth. a list of 48 titles Quantico Saison 2 .

Alex and Ryan get close when the trainees leave campus for their first undercover assignment; Alex tells her side of the story in a public interview.