Iris et Nathaniel sont-ils faits lun pour lautre ? Now if only the weirdness that started when she caught her two best friends kissing were a monster she could fight.As tensions within the band and Iris's own relationship starts to weaken, Izira calls on the band to help against a new, powerful threat from Gramorr, and during the operation, they recruit a few new, unexpected allies that stay on after the band returns to Earth.

While working, he sports on a Smoothie Bar uniform that consists of a green apron with a cream-colored v-neck shirt underneath. Two knights were send to earth to find the prince and train him to return order to the world…Set shortly after season 1. Unfortunately, the Ephidian King isn’t as forgiving as the Princesses, he demands for Mephisto to be trial and imprisoned for treason against all five realms. She will always be there when her friends need her most and will never give up on her friends. Iris & Nathaniel! Especially after he's caught sneaking around her room...You never see the other side unless its staring you in the face, but the war is over, and over a year later, Xeris is in the process of rebirth. Suivre. She will always be there when her friends need her most and will never give up on her friends.

Myrtle Foteini Smiris Efthimiadis LoliRock Dreams. It's a little strange adjusting to the ups, downs, and in-betweens of teenaged life after growing so used to dealing with monsters and mayhem on a daily basis, but Iris will manage. And whether they'll succeed or not, it's bound to be quite the journey for them.Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Voici une sélection de leurs meilleurs moments et ce qui fait deux un couple si mignon ! Iris has classic length blonde hair, light blue eyes, fair complexion, and freckles near her nose. She wears a white and pink strapless dress and pink boots What happens then when the secret comes out, and what happens when it's time for the final showdown?Auriana was warned not to get involved in other people's relationships. When our heroes arrive there, they get much more than they expected.The battle against Gramorr has ended. And she just had to assign its care to the dorkiest of the twins; but with Praxina in the city, Mephisto is beginning to show signs of being more than a one-dimensional clown, and the young "ice queen" is forced to open her eyes to the suffering of her greatest of enemies.In 2014, three girls from the town of Sunny Bay, bonded by their shared passion for music and desire to bring more positivity to the world, form a girl group that would eventually be known as LoliRock. LoliRock!!!!! ... She is the Princess of Volta and one of the members of the LoliRock band. In a panic Iris and Izira make a plea deal with the king in return for his freedom he must reveal the location of Gramorr’s hideouts. Is he a friend or a new threat?Summary: Roles Reverse Au- Nineteen years ago, Prince Nathaniel the rightful ruler of Ephidia was send away to earth in hopes of keeping him safe, now in the height of war between the forces of Gramorr and the last kingdoms of Ephidia still standing. Her magic gem symbol is a pink heart located in her necklace. Lolirock Francais.

She is also passionate about music and enjoys performing in the band Having recently been fired from a babysitting job due to her singing causing a mess, Iris was in a slum over being able to keep a proper job, but then, Nathaniel suggested that she audition for a new band called Iris possesses great magical powers, being able to perform complicated spells by herself. While Iris and her friends faces Praxina, a new ally appear. After she transforms, she has rose pink hair. Iris has classic length blonde hair, light blue eyes, fair complexion, and freckles near her nose. Iris/Gallery Iris and Nathaniel share their first kiss. TOM WAKES UP IN NATHANAËL'S BODY WHEN HE HEARS THE SOUND OF A VOICE ASKING FOR HELP AFTER BEING RESCUED MEPHISTO STARTS HAVING A CHANGE OF HEART Author’s note: This is a bit of a continuation of a prompt I wrote for Talisto Week 2017, in fact the prologue is the prompt, in this scenario, Mephisto was found barely alive by Lyna and Carissa, and He was taken to Xeris and nursed to health by Talia and Izira.