Welcome to the forums! Then again, Kimimaro died of a disease and not from any attack. But I am pretty sure this is accurate.do we ever see all that Kimimaro was capable of, IIRC, he only ever used 3 of his 5 Keke-genkai abilitiesNo we never saw Kimi at full power. He mentions that Lee isn't as fast or agile as he was before, and remembers the injuries he inflicted on Lee during the Chūnin Exams. "Showdown: Gaara vs. Kimimaro" (最強対決!我愛羅VS君麻呂! Not at all in the entirety of the anime or the manga. He came to the conclusion that Gaara wasn’t good at close combat since he made it difficult to get close to him. THe upper kick that sends opponents like Gaara into the air was stopped by Kimi's bones. However he activated the first stage of his cursed seal and cut Lee’s face, snapping him out of his drunken state. vs. Kimimaro. is episode 126 of the original Naruto anime. Forum Posts. Kimimaro took the advantage again and apparently managed to kill him, before trying to go after Naruto again. Fern, where he sends up a huge number of sharp bone spikes from the ground and can even meld with them. Take a second to look at our There are two rounds:Lee can open gate... 3 by then? !, Saikyō Taiketsu! Rock Lee can rush him. But at that moment, his disease finally killed him. However Kimimaro said that Sasuke was his legacy, before he thanked Jūgo for being his friend and heading out.

Nothing short of gate 6 is going to give Kimimaro problems. Kimimaro (君麻呂, Kimimaro ) était l'unique survivant du clan Kaguya. He was extremely overpowered compared to the pre-shippuden cast. Kimimaro works hard at accomplishing anything he is assigned to, having great loyalty to Orochimaru. Kimimaro also had a habit of underestimating more powerful opponents, doing so to Dance of the Willow, where he grows sharp bone blades from areas on his body, Dance of the Clematis, which has two stages, Vine, where Kimimaro pulls out his spine, growing a new one in its place, and wields it like a whip, binding his opponent with it, and Flower, where he forms a large sharp bone weapon to strike his opponent, Dance of the Larch, where Kimimaro sprouts sharp bone needles from his body, and Dance of the Seedling

Lee is allowed to remove his weights and open the Gates, but does not have sake. But afterwards, he coughed blood, though he chose to ignore it. vs. Kimimaro. the scene are exactly the same like when they fought each other at pre-shippudenR1: Kimimaro unhealthy and Rock Lee cannot open gatesI suspect Lee *could* have won against Kimimaro the first time they fought if he had opened the gates (or just brought along more booze). Kimimaro proceeded to use his Dance of the Clematis attack against Gaara, who managed to defend with his Shield of Shukaku technique. However, Gaara then created a tidal wave of sand, which Kimimaro couldn't evade and was buried in. Gaara managed to bury him deep into the ground, but Kimimaro escaped with his Dance of the Seedling Fern attack, sending up a huge forest of sharp bones. Even shippuden Rock Lee would have a problem with him as Kimimaro is extremely smart when it comes to battle tactics and playing keep away.

Par la suite, il contracta une maladie incurable le contraignant à quitter le groupe. In the shippuden movie he twoshotted a guy with a CS2 like seal. Kimimaro was then crushed by a huge wave of sand from Gaara, but created a layer of bone underneath his flesh to protect himself.

Even if Lee can't harm Kimimaros bones. !, Saikyō Taiketsu!