November 26, 2018 2 Comments. your own Pins on Pinterest Dengan kekuatan sihir waktu harith mampu menjadi hero yang sangat kuat di land of dawn. Discover (and save!)
Harith is one of the newest mage to join the fight in the Land of Dawn. Discover (and save!)

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Let's start with Harith: this hero is litterally hyperscaling the entire game, my intent is to reduce his early game power so he can have clear weaknesses. So if you are considering buying/playing Harith you might want to consider and taking a look at theseClock Of Destiny- This provides a fair amount of durability as well as a mid-end game magic power boost to Harith which overall can be considered as a cost-efficient item for HarithLightning Truncheon- With his high burst and low-cool down skills, this item makes a great addition towards his burst output.Your email address will not be published. 拾 . Harith is one of the newest mage to join the fight in the Land of Dawn. Hero pendatang baru ini bernama harith si mage gesit dengan da Discover (and save!) His speciality is to manipulate time wherein his skills allows him to move around with ease at the same time deal devestating burst damages towards his enemies while keeping a safe distance. Ternyata gini ceritanya Harith dapet Skin EVOS Legends! Aug 22, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Sonia.
I wanted to imagone them as grown ups and ending up t ... Nana × Harith ,Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mimin mau liatin komen-komennya ah, pada tahu gak yaa asal-usul Harith EVOS Legends Skin? Ohhhh! Menurutmu, apa yang terjadi? Dec 11, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Casandra Jane. Hero Introduction. your own Pins on Pinterest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Harith HERO GUIDE. " I should have admitted my feelings for you sooner, Nana "This is my take on Nana and Harith's story.. Wrestler – St...Please enter your username or email address. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes Shape Shifter – HP Restoration adjusted from 50% to 40%; Damage increase adjusted from 50% to 40%. Passive: now harith generates a shield whenever he casts a spell (from 300 to 700 + 125% magic power) (base value scales with level) Cooldown: from 12 to 4 seconds at level 1-15 . Aug 15, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by lin BvR. Aside from that he has a decent ability for wave clear provided that you land it right otherwise you’d be relying on your 2nd ability and basic attacks. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.Harith is an extremely mobile hero with the ability to burst down heroes or either continuesly deal damage at a decent to good pace depending on how you use him. Required fields are marked I.