May 24, 2015 - Explore Darlene Page's board "Gypsy Cob horses" on Pinterest. Only your vet, the issuing PIO or a government official may update you passport in the following circumstances:A horse cannot be sold without a passport. Archives - It is an offence for you to change, alter or tamper with the passport in any way. Complet - Failure to do so is an offence.Note the number & the PIO it was issued by. When a horse is sold, the seller must give the passport to the buyer at the time of the sale.
gypsy elite prides dreamcatcher pure-00026. Please note that if you sign Part 2 (Not for human consumption), this declaration cannot be revoked by you or by subsequent owners.Should you have any concerns or complaints regarding a Passport Issuing Organisation these should be directed to that PIO in writing.© 2018 All Rights Reserved The Traditional Gypsy Cob Association.

En effet, le Gypsy Cob est puissant, compact, trapus, harmonieux et bien construit. Celle-ci a travaillé en collaboration étroite avec la Gypsy Cob Society Ltd et avec les Haras Nationaux qui ont reconnus la race en novembre 2008. Par tradition, leurs pedigrees furent tout d’abord transmis par voie orale ; mais, afin d’enregistrer et de protéger cette race de manière plus officielle, le Studbook du Gypsy Cob Society, Ltd (Angleterre), fut créé dans le respect du type traditionnel utilisé et développé par ses créateurs : les Gitans britanniques. This affects what happens to the horse when it dies.This section contains declarations concerning whether the animal is intended for slaughter for human consumption. The breed is referred to worldwide by many different names such as Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Horse, Gypsy Vanner …

Nimo vous permet de réunir les avantages des réseaux sociaux, des blogs et des forums de discussions en un seul site dédié aux animaux. Gypsy Cob x Paint Gelding 16.2hh, 9yo Been used as a lead horse for young breakers. For all Replacement or Duplicate passports the PIO will automatically sign and stamp the animal out of the human food chain.Your vet must record any medication or injections your horse is given. See more ideas about Horses, Gypsy horse, Gypsy vanner horse. The GVHS also lists your contact information in the membership listing including a “hot link” to your email and website. The Irish Cob is a native Irish breed and although it has a long history the Studbook was only officially founded in 1998. Copyrights will be enforced. Archives -

gypsy elite pride & joy pure-00079.

Le site de Irish-Cob Society : Le site de Irish-Cob France: Le site de la Fédération Française d'Equitation: TGCA Limited - Company Number: 7415438 Registered Office is: TGCA Ltd, PO BOX 1120, CT1 9UL Changes include: a new Your vet must record any medication or injections your horse is given in Section IX.

Failure to do so is an offence.When a horse, pony or donkey is purchased always obtain the passport & Your horse's passport is valid for its life.

While the issuing of basic ID (Passport) is allowed through any Issuing Body in the UK, as non-breed documents, it is clearly stated by DEFRA that no horse's breed may be included.

All equines (horse, pony or and donkey) in the European Union (EU) must have a horse passport issued by an If the passport is damaged or the binding deteriorates it may not be valid and you must contact the issuing PIO immediately. Doté d’une ossature mi-lourde à lourde, il est bien proportionné et équilibré avec une musculature large et des fanons très abondants.
harkers the little lion king mare pure-00073. gypsy elite prides freedom pure-00032. You can request that they return it.An application for a duplicate/replacement passport must be made, including a vet identification where necessary, and returned to the TGCA office along with the passport (where damaged) and the appropriate fee.Owners should note that if an equines permanent passport is not immediately available to a veterinary surgeon, medicine that would exclude that horse from the food chain cannot be administered.When information contained in the passport changes you have 30 days to notify the PIO that issued the passport. If you do not have a Section IX in your passport it is not valid and you must contact the issuing PIO immediately.Importing or exporting - Any horse, pony or donkey you import from a European Union (EU) country must have a valid passport issued by anmake sure horses treated with certain medicines don't end up as food for peopleprevent the sale of a stolen horse, pony or donkey, as the passport proves its identityA foal must be microchipped by a vet before a passport can be applied for It is an offence not to have a vet microchip a foal prior to applying for a passport AND/OR to apply for a passport after these time limits.Once the passport is issued - keep it safe. - Please return the passport to The TGCA LTD with a covering letter confirming the change and the appropriate Fee.

Show Dates for the Gypsy Cob Association. Une inspection d’une centaine de chevaux sur le territoire français pour …