He continued to appear as a series regular until the series finale in 1989. Jimmy Kimmel Live 5,501,553 views
While Adam was at the hospital for his DNA test he snuck into the labs' records and pulled Hank's files. He then fled Billings and eventually tracked down his biological half-brother, Adam is intelligent and manipulative, yet wants only to have a family and a sense of belonging.

I didn't dig as deep as I could have.

Anders asked where he got the rattle, and Adam explained that he got it from the woman who pretended to be his mother. It was a silver baby rattle that Alexis, Anders, and Blake recognized. She then called out for Anders or security and Adam insisted she didn't have to call security - he just wanted to talk to his father, Blake. She mentioned that keeping the secret was hard on Sam, but Adam knew it was hard on Fallon too. Alexis tried to explain her reasons but all he wanted is a hug from his real mother. Fallon and Sam believed that Steven's "friend" and Paris-co ed was a figment of Steven's imagination. Adam reasoned with Blake which led Fallon to invite Adam to stay and help Blake cope with everything that happened. Back at the manor, Alexis looked through old baby albums when Adam entered to check on her. Following an investigation and hostage negotiation, the kidnapper sent Blake and Alexis one of Adam's fingers to prove his intent.
Adam Alexander Carrington, M.D. Adam later interrupted Blake, Fallon, and Sam's discussion about Steven in his office. He called her the heart of the family, the smartest, most driven, and the one who can think the farthest ahead. He corrected her, confused by the sushi table reference, and explained that his name was Adam. Kirby donned him, "Saint Adam" as he leaned away from the questionable deed he used to partake in. Fearful of her boyfriend's instability, Theresa took Adam and ran to Billings, Montana to raise him as her son, Mikey Harrison.

Steven is put into a sanitarium in Paris, where Adam appears and reveals the more he got to know Steven, the more he resented him. Upon Adam's arrival at the Carrington Manor, Alexis refused to accept that Adam was her real son, to protect her lie about Theresa's ex-boyfriend kidnapped Adam from the Carringtons when he was still an infant.

Als auch noch Cristals Neffe Sam auft… Fearful of her boyfriend's instability, Theresa took Adam and ran to Billings, Montana to raise him as her son, Mikey Harrison. When she leaned down to the fireplace to burn it, he thrust her into it and held her head in the fire while she screamed. Fallon Carrington ist unglücklich darüber, dass ihr Vater Blake seine Mitarbeiterin Cristal heiraten will, doch was für sie noch schlimmer ist, ist dass Christal als Verlobungsgeschenk auch noch die neue COO wird, der Job auf den Fallon ihr ganzes Leben drauf hin gearbeitet hat. Theresa, in a spell of pain, divulged to Adam that he was born a Carrington. He explained that even though she looked like a strong woman she was allowed to feel the pain of what happened with Steven and the part she played in it. He took his survival as a sign that he is meant to do something more with his life. Adam didn't bring any since he didn't expect to stay, which didn't surprise Anders. (formerly, Michael Gordon Harrison, and, as an alias, George Emerson) is a main character in the television series Dynasty on The CW. He used animal tranquilizers to relieve his mom's discomfort instead. Adam asked her not to go there but she pressed on that he went to the vet clinic to steal more drugs because he is an addict. When Fallon's machinations to separate the couple backfire and cost her a promotion, she allies with Blake's nemesis and former employee, Jeff Colby, and strikes out on her own. She suffered from intense pain in her middle age and became an opioid addict. The suicide scene was also staged by Adam after he drugged Steven. She explained that she had already done the reunion but he begged her to look at him closely. Fallon informed him that any other day they would be open for scams but explained that Blake wasn't in the right mindset to deal with him.