)Produced by Tôlerie Fine de Précision, France for Galerie kreo, Paris.

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Détail, Martin Szekely, The Drawers and I, 2015 2017

du 20.06.2020 2018.15.1Dépôt du Musée national de céramique, Sèvres, 1978 - Inv D 2008.0.81 à 109Don de l'Association des Amis des Musées de Bordeaux, 1996 - Inv 96.2.15Don des Amis bordelais de Vincent Poujardieu, 2011 - Inv 2011.2.2Achat de la Ville de Bordeaux avec l'aide des Amis de l'hôtel de Lalande, 1986 - Inv 86.3.10Don d'Arc en rêve - centre d'architecture, 2001 - Inv 2001.6.1Don d'Edouard Evrard de Fayolle, 1911 - Inv 4759 & Inv 4760

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Martin Szekely sees this concept of the minimum, whether visual or structural, as something that can be shared by everyone.The works on view – all conceived for practical use – adapt perfectly to the jail, not merely occupying the space but making it their own. Martin Szekely, sofa ends Bing One (2005) et Bing Square (2007) Martin Szekely, The Drawers and I, 2015 2017

Martin Szekely, Construction, 2015

Quand, en 1995,  la société Perrier abandonne son célèbre

His pieces shed light on physical principles that question our relation to the material world. Each with metal label from 20.06.2020

Born in 1956, Marin Szekely lives and works in Paris.Lost your password? Martin Szekely has worked for: Parrot, Weston, MK2, Canal Satellite, Christofle, Dom Perignon, Hermes, Bernardaud, Legrand, Saint-Louis, E.N.S. Simpli ed in the extreme, they unveil the very quintessence of their form, allowing a hidden dimension to emerge.The goal of the exhibition is to present, through a historical and thematic e ort, the singular path pursued by this major designer.Special moments, these meetings are a unique opportunity to talk with the designer and better understand the singularity of his work.Free admission – registration recommended +33 (0)5 56 10 14 05In parallel of his experimental projects, Martin Szekely collaborates with prestigious French companies : Alaïa, Parrot, Weston, MK2, Heineken, Christofle, Dom Pérignon, Hermès, Bernardaud, Perrier, JCDecaux, Swarovski...Between May and July, discover a selection of his works at different places in the city: Jardin Public (from June 19th to July 15th), at the Grand Hôtel (June-July), place Pey-Berland (May), at the Halles de Bacalan (May) and at the Cafemadd.In the occasion of the exhibition, the museum invites the public, every Thursday at 7 pm to listen to the intervention of an actor in the world of decorative arts or design or to attend a presentation of a specific theme related to the collections. In this process of reduction, even of deletion, the designer tends toward a minimal structural con guration. The exhibition evoked my growing understanding that every object has its own definition and its own function long before it is ever drawn. Born in 1956, Marin Szekely lives and works in Paris.

Martin Szekely (13 minutes) Résumé Martin Szekely, designer connu, confronté à quelques objets qu'il a conçu (interrupteur, pots de terre, verre Perrier) définit son métier. Certains des objets que Martin Szekely a dessinés ont touché un très large public comme le verre Perrier fabriqué à 12 millions d’exemplaires. Perrier Jouet Fleur De Champagne Epernay France Acrylic Ice Bucket Six 6 Champagne Flutes Crystal Glasses And Display Champagne Bottle 1982 AllycatAttic.

Numbers 1 and 2 from the edition of 2. du 20.06.2020 Parisian industrial designer Martin Szekely is widely known for his designs for Hermès, Dom Perignon, and Perrier. This thought process found expression in my 1996 Perrier glass.

du 20.06.2020 from 20.06.2020 Don Edition Kreo, 2000 - Inv 2000.6.1 The event will o er the public an opportunity to discover some 40 pieces by the designer, united under the theme of “construction.” Created between 1996 and 2018 (the most recent, The Drawers and I, is still in the production process as of this writing and will be seen at the museum for the rst time), these objects and pieces of furniture seem to reinvent their own composition: all are the result of a structural challenge.For Martin Szekely, construction is the very essence of the designer’s profession:Experimenting with all materials, both new and traditional, Martin Szekely approaches each project as a fresh start, a re-examination.

2018.1.1d’après Eugène Lami (1800 – 1890), 1829 - Achat de la Ville de Bordeaux, 1958 - Inv.58.1.2270Don du designer au madd-bordeaux en 2018 - Inv.

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