Lets put this argument I keep having with some people to an end, I just wanna know whose wrong me or them lol.Rules and settings: since people like to always say some shit to make aang seemed like he would have won even if he didn't get AS so ill change some things:-Ozai knows Aang can Redirect (no surprises)(and so aang doesn't have to "lose his power because of not wanting to kill").-(Feats included) aang just wants to put him out not kill him.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////for the sake of it this round changes to a more of an Aang Bias fight lol but still not a fatal bias.-ignoring Aang's feats (which are a part of how he fights but ok) Aang is going for the kill.-Ozai cannot lightning bend and aang doesn't know Redirecting.I'll probably remove/add/or change some rules If comments make me or I remember something.OP has decided to use the SERIOUS DEBATE FLAIR.

I think this is the most clear instance where his morals of not hurting another living thing are shown.

Me(World): Hey, stop attacking us.

Ozai was almost stomping him until he redirected the lightning, but chose not to kill him. Aang explained his new ability, and as a result, Sokka, Suki, and Toph quickly took the opportunity to taunt Ozai; however, Suki's attempt was considered forgettable.Ozai was subsequently stripped of his title as Phoenix King and Fire Lord and was arrested and imprisoned for crimes against the world. He subsequently declared himself to be the Phoenix King and set out to prepare the airships for take off.Weeks later, when Zuko became aware of Aang's plan to face the Fire Lord Sokka, Toph, and Suki were able to board an airship, hijack the control room and disable the ship's entire crew. He attempted to strike while Aang's back was turned, but Aang sensed his movement through Exhausted from the ordeal, Ozai attempted to attack, but he failed and questioned Aang as to what he did to him.

Aang declared he took away Ozai's bending power, which meant he could no longer subjugate anyone to his will ever again.

Ozai mocked Aang in response, telling him that despite being the most powerful being in the world, he was still too weak to kill. However, they were unable to catch up to the Fire Lord's flagship, which was further ahead, leaving the self-proclaimed Phoenix King Ozai unopposed when he began burning down the forest. Congratulating him, they noticed Ozai collapsed on the ground and asked if he was dead, only to have Ozai reply that he was still alive.

Without the Comet Aang still wins against Ozai as then Ozai is massively weaker where as Aang is less weaker, considering his Water, Earth and Airbending were all at their normal levels during their fight.Yea he probably wins without comet, but aang was getting rolled and smoked without the AS.I don't think Aang is powerful enough to beat Ozai in this fight.

You(Ozai): Ugh...sure. The battle at Wulong Forest was the final battle of the Hundred Year War, coinciding with the liberation of Ba Sing Se and the Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai.

Aang, however, was waiting for Ozai and proceeded to destroy Ozai's lead airship with Watching the beginning of this duel, Sokka decided that the Fire Lord was for Aang to fight alone and suggested that they destroy the airship fleet as planned. Y’all can say I’m bias for Aang but it’s how I saw it even without the AS he trapped him and could’ve done anything he wanted at that point with the all powerful Ozai in shambles...fucking pussyWith the comet, Ozai is ridiculously powerful. Without the Comet Aang still wins against Ozai as then Ozai is massively weaker where as Aang is less weaker, considering his Water, Earth and Airbending were all … Although Aang had all four elements at his disposal, Ozai's comet-enhanced firebending forced Aang onto the defensive. You(FN): Okay. Sokka, Suki, and Toph met with Aang as Sozin's Comet departed.

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