There was nothing but DELIGHT!

The food was average but the prices were outrageous, even for Paris. My spouse’s meal (Veal Milanese) was extremely bland and just not good. It also has one of the best views from its terrace—the iconic Paris Opera House. The most disappointing thing was the way the patrons were allowed to dress - had at least a dozen people walk by our table dressed in jeans, gym shorts, tee shirts, etc. The waiter was very knowledgeable and friendly. The service is amazing.The food and service were excellent. {"baseUrl":"","environment":"prod-ln","hostName":"","language":"de","releaseName":"start-page-docker_teamcity_2.0.10263","requestId":"56cd983e-72df-404d-b6b6-244108b78220"} However disappointed with the service because although we explained we cannot have pink meat due to pregnancy which the waiter understood completely and we checked twice it would be cooked well done the steak fillet came out pink! We thought we might grab a quick drink before getting seated, but there was no bartender, and no one ever showed up. Overall value was moderate.This was the best food experience that we received in Paris. Our captain and our waiter took wonderful care of us without being intrusive, but were happy to engage in conversation when we initiated it. Server was terrible. Plat - Dessert [Main course - dessert] 43 €; Entrée - Plat [Starter - main course] 49 €; Entrée - Plat - Dessert [Starter - main course - dessert] 57 €Ravioles de truffe noire et ciboulette [black truffle ravioli with chives]Salade d'endives rouges et blanches, fromage de chèvre frais, ciboulette et noisettes; Saint-Marcellin pané à la noisette et à la châtaigne puis frit [Red and white endive salad, fresh goat cheese, chives and hazelnuts; Breaded and fried Saint-Marcellin cheese with hazelnuts and chestnuts]Endives rôties cuites et crues, sauce agrumes et gingembre [Roasted endives cooked and raw, citrus and ginger sauce]Brochettes de pommes grenailles rôties, têtes de champignons de Paris, ail confit, sucrine à l'huile d'olive, sauce béarnaise [Skewers of roasted potatoes, Parisian mushroom heads, slow cooked garlic, little gem lettuce with olive oil and béarnaise sauce]Brillat-savarin, Rouelle du Tarn et Comté 18 mois d'affinage Pâte de fruits au vin blanc et cumin, cœur de sucrine, pain de campagne grillé [Brillat-Savarin, Rouelle of Tarn and an 18-month matured Comté White wine and cumin fruit jelly, little gem lettuce, toasted farmhouse bread]Pâte feuilletée croustillante, fine crème pâtissière à la graine de vanille, sauce mauve, sorbet kiwi [Crunchy puff pastry, vanilla pastry cream, mallow sauce and kiwi sorbet]Biscuit «Joconde» chocolat, crème au beurre, grains de café et cacao, glaçage chocolat au lait [Chocolate biscuit, buttercream, coffee and cocoa seeds, milk chocolate icing]Pâte à choux, crème caramel beurre salé et noix de cajou [Choux pastry, salted caramel butter cream with cashew nuts]Meringue chocolat, sorbet griotte, glace chocolat, confit de griotte et violette [Chocolate meringue, Morello cherry sorbet, chocolate ice cream, Morello cherry and violet confit]Meringue moringa, crème légère au citron, main de bouddha confite [Moringa meringue, lemon cream, candied Buddha's hand citrus]Sirop de rose, poire, poire nashi, litchi, pamplemousse et baie rose, sorbet poire, macaron baie rose [Rose syrup, pear, Nashi pear, lychee, grapefruit, pink berry, pear sorbet, pink berry macaroon]We booked our reservation on Open Table but they did not have it the reservation when we arrived.